APK Goes to Summer Camp

Four years ago, if you had told me I’d end up coaching parkour at a summer camp, I’d have probably stared at you blankly and then laughed. But that is exactly what I spent this summer doing.

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Atlas robot does broad jump.

A Parkour Robot? Can it happen?

Parkour has long been a sport that easily goes viral. Something about watching a human push their physical limits to the extreme is addicting. On the other hand, engineers pushing the capabilities of robots have captivated the populace as we await our impending android takeover. Boston Dynamics and the Atlas team have played to both audiences with their most recent video release. Check out Atlas, the Parkour Robot. This video has reached Youtube’s top 10 trending videos in just two…

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World Chase Tag Quad Set Up

American Parkour Fields 2 World Chase Tag Teams

The 2021 season of World Chase Tag (WCT) is set to be held at GoodYear Hall in Akron, Ohio on August 6th. This year the event will be broadcast on ESPN. This year, like last year American Parkour has the privilege of fielding two WCT teams. APK Blue, captained by Mark Bowles and APK Grey captained by Wenxin Yang. World Chase Tag Team Rosters APK Blue Manager – Coleen Bowles Captain – Mark Bowles Ethan Guzman Frank Mejia Brother Wachtman…

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parkour training tic tac off rock

I Can’t Do That? 4 Ways to Overcome your doubts!

I originally wrote this article to be published 3 years ago and never got around to it so I updated it. I’m now 30 years old and I injured my knee because over the years sitting, not Parkour has severely affected my posterior chain and the tendons around my knees. The pandemic didn’t help either. I’m currently resting my knee for a week so start physical therapy and get back to training. My journey into parkour is similar to that…

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Rogue City Movie

Rogue City – Parkour View of a Movie Review

Rogue City – Parkour View of a Movie Review Rogue City is a good cop / bad cop thriller that is well, less than thrilling. 15 Minutes into the movie I was wondering what it was about, and who were the good guys, who were the bad guys, and who we should be rooting for. With 15 minutes left in the movie this hadn’t really changed. While I want more than anything to like a movie with David Belle –…

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