American Parkour College Affiliate Program

APK members founded the FIRST college club in the country and the BIGGEST college club in the country!

Everyone at American Parkour believes in the power of movement to change lives. We also know that the years spent in college are some of the most important a person can experience. It’s this knowledge that led us to create APKU, our college affiliate program, to educate young men and women about parkour during a time when they are forming connections that will last their whole life.

APKU works with college clubs across the United States and Canada to help spread the positive portrayal of parkour. We motivate our clubs to embody the APK lifestyle of safety and joy while training. We also provide them with all they need to keep their club strong and growing


Why we work with college clubs?

College Parkour clubs are some of the most vibrant and active communities in the country. They meet on a regular basis and in some cases even live with their training partners.  However living on college campuses has its drawbacks. College clubs are often asked to stop training around campus and liability concerns make it difficult to start a recognized student organization.

Creating strong college clubs is also beneficial to the parkour community at large. It creates a generation of responsible traceurs and improves the public’s view of parkour.

What We Offer

When you join APK you become part of a family! APKU is no different. We offer support throughout the life of your university’s club. Free resources, discount gear, and APK certifications are only the beginning. APKU clubs gain access to a network of parkour professionals and other successful clubs.


Ready to become a part of APKU? Great! Here is what we ask from you. Train safely and respectfully. Host at least one Leave No Trace event a year. Provide monthly updates (pictures, videos, or articles) for APKU. Do you think your club can do that? If so, we want you to get in touch with us.

Email us at  [email protected]