American Parkour Ambassadors

American Parkour’s (APK) mission is spreading the word about Parkour as a method for fun and fitness; educating them about a community that’s welcoming towards all ages and demographics. The Ambassador Program serves as an extension of these goals, with a focus on bringing people into the APK community.

What does an Ambassador look like?

• You are an athlete that pushes your limits and gives back to the community by sharing your passion.
• You care about the positive impacts that Parkour can have on others and care to bring more people into the sport. You are invested in the growth of Parkour culture.
• You are media literate and social media active. You are enthusiastic about introducing people to American Parkour and welcoming them into our community, promoting APK at events, and in your everyday life.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

As an APK Ambassador, you directly have a hand in influencing the sport moving forward. Projects and initiatives you take upon will be consistently shown across our platforms. Ambassadors get first access to test drive the latest gear, receive development tools and experiences.

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