Parkour Certification

Parkour Instructor Certification II

Confidently plan and run fun, effective classes that will keep your students coming back

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Join us for 3 full days of immersive Seminars, interactive exercises, group collaborations and individual coaching.

Whether you are starting from scratch or adding to an existing program, you will learn The American Parkour Method, a complete framework for delivering an effective parkour program:

  • Program and Curriculum design
  • Lesson planning
  • Progression levels and testing
  • Classroom management (Taming the three-ring circus)
  • Drill, Exercise, and Game Construction


February 2023

February 10-12 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Hoosier Warriors Gym
Avon, Indiana

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Summer 2023

Fall 2023


  • Tools for planning great lessons that flow and engage your students
  • Methods for creating Drills and Exercises that back up suit your lesson plan
  • A supportive peer environment with coaches for other gyms around the country
  • Learn to keep a broad spectrum of people engaged
  • Best Practices for effectively handling issues with Kids
  • Confidence to lead a great program
  • Most effectively improve your student’s lives


Who is the Class For?

This certification is for anyone teaching kids, adults, or parkour as part of a gymnastics or fitness program.

Are there any prerequisites?

While there are no required prerequisites, it is helpful to have a background in coaching movement classes. Love of coaching and love of movement are the foundation, we will give you the tools to put this to work.