APK Freerunning Certification Program

APK Freerunning Instructor Certification Program

The APK Freerunning Instructor Certification Program is a comprehensive 2-day training program based on the freerunning curriculum developed at APK Affiliate Gym Fight or Flight Academy. The program is administered by Chad Zwadlo, owner and head trainer at Fight or Flight. Chad is one of the most experienced and talented freerunners in the country, having innovated many new moves and methods.  He also has over 20 years experience in movement training including martial arts, tricking, gymnastics, and freerunning.  He has been coaching these movement styles for over 12 years.


Upcoming Dates

NO UPCOMING DATES <-Click to register. Register by July 10th for only $550. After July 10th, the price will rise to $600. This Certification is being held at APK Affiliate Fight or Flight Academy in Edina, Minnesota.

Benefits of holding the APK Certified Freerunning Instructor certificate:

  •  Official recognition of the American Parkour teaching curriculum for freerunning instructors looking to teach in an official capacity such as gyms, college clubs and other scenarios that require certification. This also includes personal trainers and other fitness professionals looking to add something unique and fun to their arsenal.
  • Learn basic and advanced progressions of flipping, twisting, and flowing so that you can safely and effectively teach beginner as well as high level acrobatic movements your students.
  • Work on progressing your own skills to the next level by learning new and exciting moves yourself!
  • Your name and information on APK’s list of Certified Trainers.
  • Train with other high level freerunners to make new friends and learn new ways of movement from people all across the US and even the world!
  • A direct line of communication with APK Academy HQ, including a certified instructor’s forum, training resources for on-going classes and drills, and assistance in training matters such as building attendance and gym management.


  • A short video showcasing basic parkour skills including vaults, wall runs, cat grabs, basic landings and rolls, and precision jumps.
  • Familiarity with basic freerunning and acrobatic skills such as the handstand, cartwheel, and gymnastics roll is recommended.

What to expect:

  • Hands-on learning that includes lots of movement to demonstrate proper form and corrections.
  • Lots of movement. It’s not necessary to know all of the skills, but having the conditioning to practice for the duration of the training is very helpful.
  • A physical movement and written exam to test candidates in their understanding and mastery of the material. Attendance of the program does not guarantee certification, but all aspects of the exam may be made up at no charge if the initial exam is failed.


  • Cost is $600 ($550 if you register Early Bird) and only 10 General spots per session are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Certification is held at the Fight or Flight Academy in Edina Minnesota, or other APK Affiliated Gyms
  • It consists of 2 and a half days of training starting at 6pm Friday and ending around 3pm Sunday.

For questions and enrollment email [email protected]

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