Mark Toorock

Child at heart. Founder of American Parkour. Champion of play. Runs the APK Academy and Primal Fitness in Washington, DC.
Rogue City Movie

Rogue City – Parkour View of a Movie Review

Rogue City – Parkour View of a Movie Review Rogue City is a good cop / bad cop thriller that is well, less than thrilling. 15 Minutes into the movie I was wondering what it was about, and who were the good guys, who were the bad guys, and who we should be rooting for. With 15 minutes left in the movie this hadn’t really changed. While I want more than anything to like a movie with David Belle –…

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Suspended Operations And A Call For Help

People have improved their health and well-being at American Parkour Academy for over 13 years. Through movement, play, and positive interaction with their environment and with others we have built a strong, vibrant, and diverse community. We have made the extremely difficult decision to temporarily shut down our gym operations in this time of public health emergency so as not to contribute to any potential spread of COVID-19.  As a small business, and one that has operated on the idealism of the…

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Send a Beast to Beast

Send a Beast to Beast Overview: The Send a Beast to Beast initiative gives youth from the District of Columbia public school system a chance to experience the vibrant parkour lifestyle festival Beast Coast Jam. At this event they are able to train with and learn from experienced and inspirational practitioners from around the country and around the world. We offer this experience to the children at no cost, funding it through sponsorships and donations from individuals. American Parkour offers…

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Luke Albretch Interview

We had a chance to sit down and talk to APK Sponsored Athlete Luke Albrecht, the most lovable guy in parkour with a flair for fluidity. He lives out in Colorado, where he spends his time playing and perfecting his moves, coaching at Path Movement, or working at his local farmers market. How long have you been training? What would be your advice to anyone starting out? I started training in 2005, so it’s been over thirteen years. Natural progressions…

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American Parkour Welcomes Ashlee Johnson as Operations Manager

Ashlee lives every day to the fullest. She is motivated by how much others around her have achieved through their hard work- including her heroes (her parents). For her, “To not do her best” is a sin. She applied this passion to become one of the top point guards in the country at the #1 high school for girls’ basketball, Long Beach Polytech. She continued her success through college and even semi-pro ball while she played for the Dallas Diesels.…

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