Rogue City – Parkour View of a Movie Review

Rogue City is a good cop / bad cop thriller that is well, less than thrilling.

15 Minutes into the movie I was wondering what it was about, and who were the good guys, who were the bad guys, and who we should be rooting for. With 15 minutes left in the movie this hadn’t really changed.

While I want more than anything to like a movie with David Belle – who has a ton of screen time in this action on action flick, there’s just not enough character development to really get attached to this movie. David looks great in all his scenes. Sadly, he has a total of about 10 words in the entire movie, and we never learn anything about him. The most frustrating thing perhaps is the “chase scene” (spoiler alert) where they vastly underutilized David’s talents. He does a few turn-vaults to drops in an alley scene chasing a naked guy. David does a convincing job when he’s holding a gun, and looks serious af in his scenes. Too bad the movie didn’t develop more of a storyline to carry the action. In the end I wouldn’t say the movie has “any parkour” in it, which is a shame given everything David is capable of.

If this movie didn’t have David Belle in it I’d give it 2 stars, since it has David Belle and doesn’t use his talents or personality I give it one star. I’d love to see David in more movies that make use of his acting and his action, this one isn’t it.

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