Ashlee lives every day to the fullest. She is motivated by how much others around her have achieved through their hard work- including her heroes (her parents). For her, “To not do her best” is a sin.

She applied this passion to become one of the top point guards in the country at the #1 high school for girls’ basketball, Long Beach Polytech. She continued her success through college and even semi-pro ball while she played for the Dallas Diesels. Fitness and action remained her passion as she worked her way up the ranks at Peloton Cycles, becoming the Operations Manager for DC Field Operations. Now she brings her winning attitude to American Parkour and Primal Fitness as we continue to grow our offerings of the best fitness programs available in the DMV. When she’s not crushing it at work, Ashlee is hanging with her 3 dogs and her girlfriend Jeana. Reach her at [email protected]