The 7th Cincinnati National Parkour Shenanigans and Sketch-tech Check Skill Comp

Ohio is misunderstood. Most think of Ohio as a state full of cornfields, Midwestern hospitality, and empty space. And as much as I’d love to disagree with you, you’re right for the most part, with the exception of Ohio’s three big C’s: Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. From a terrain perspective, Cincinnati uniquely sets itself apart from the rest of Ohio. It is very hilly, borderline mountainous in certain areas, and a former rust belt city. These factors contribute to the…

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APK Delivers another School Kit

This week we delivered fun, creativity, and a love for movement to students at Ida B Wells Middle School in Washington DC. Our parkour program is taught as one section of their Physical Education classes. According to several of their PE teachers, it is one of the most engaging units they do in their entire program. For the past few years, APK has been working closely with the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), bringing parkour to over 30 middle schools in…

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The Michigan National Parkour Jam XII

For the twelfth year in a row, Parkour practitioners descended upon the mitten state for Michigan National Jam. Now co-hosted by the University of Michigan Parkour Club and APK Affiliate Phoenix Freerunning Academy, it remains as one of the longest running Parkour events in the US. The three-day event kicked off on Friday at Phoenix Freerunning Academy, moving to the legendary Flint Grand Fountain for Saturday, and finishing with casual training and swimming in Ann Arbor. With the Parkour culture…

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Hilliard, the inspiring octogenarian traceur

“This is Hilliard Jones. He is a 76 year-old man with lung and brain cancer living his best life possible. He picked up parkour a few months ago; I taught him how to Kong vault today in class, and we had a long, meaningful conversation. We talked about mortality, how important it is to love and be kind to others, how everyone has different experiences at different points in their lives, and how important it is to appreciate and honor…

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Getting to the finals of the World Chase Tag Championship 2019

World Chase Tag is a new sport based around the childhood game of tag, but with parkour based obstacles, timers, teams, and a whole lot more intensity. The court is 40ft x 40ft consisting of platforms, bars, and a slanted barrier around the perimeter. Athletes must try to evade for 20 seconds to score a point. Catch last year’s event on YouTube and stay tuned for this year’s final event where the American Team GNF (Going Nowhere Fast) makes it…

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