The 2021 season of World Chase Tag (WCT) is set to be held at GoodYear Hall in Akron, Ohio on August 6th. This year the event will be broadcast on ESPN. This year, like last year American Parkour has the privilege of fielding two WCT teams. APK Blue, captained by Mark Bowles and APK Grey captained by Wenxin Yang.

World Chase Tag Team Rosters

APK Blue

  • Manager – Coleen Bowles
  • Captain – Mark Bowles
  • Ethan Guzman
  • Frank Mejia
  • Brother Wachtman
  • Jesse Harrison
  • Eric Wolff
  • Alt – Justin Naranjo

APK Grey

  • Manager – Will Leaf
  • Captain – Wenxin Yang
  • Ashlee Johnson
  • Brian Prince
  • Mike Atchley
  • Logon Piner
  • Sasha Hordiychuk


What is World Chase Tag?

World Chase Tag™ is the world’s first and only global competitive Tag organization. Over the past six years we’ve gone from casual Meetups in Hyde Park to international competitions which have received hundreds of millions of views. Our Chase Tag™ comps are contested by the best Parkour athletes and Ninja Warrior competitors from around the globe and our footage has featured on NBC Sports, ESPN, Channel 4, Fuji TV, CBS, BBC and many more.”