Creator or Parkour Literally L’1nconsolable completing a kong to cat on a boulder.

Have you seen L’1nconsolable’s latest video Forêveur? If not, seat yourself somewhere comfortable and take three minutes to enjoy this thoughtful piece of poetry in movement. It will be well worth your time. Beautiful movement set to beautiful music and beautiful words, all created by the same inspiring individual. It is art of the mind, body, and spirit; powerful and mesmerizing, yet calming and subtly wistful. It’s nearly impossible to watch this without feeling an urgent need to get up and move, the way catchy music makes your toe tap and encourages dance, whether you were planning on it or not.

If you are unfamiliar with L’1nconsolable, take some extra time to look through his Parkour, Literally series, starting with the first and second videos. These are some of the defining videos of parkour and to this day remain some of the best examples of what parkour practice is to many of us.