American Parkour Welcomes Ashlee Johnson as Operations Manager

Ashlee lives every day to the fullest. She is motivated by how much others around her have achieved through their hard work- including her heroes (her parents). For her, “To not do her best” is a sin. She applied this passion to become one of the top point guards in the country at the #1 high school for girls’ basketball, Long Beach Polytech. She continued her success through college and even semi-pro ball while she played for the Dallas Diesels.…

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I Can’t Do That?

My journey into pakour is similar to that of many “old timers.” Although I’m only 27 I’ve been a part of the parkour community for many years. It began one day when my dad called me into the living room to “see what these guys on TV are doing.” It was the now mostly forgotten Ripley’s Believe It or Not video on the Yamakasi. After the segment was over I was hooked. I didn’t know what to look for online so…

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Renae Dambly at Beast Coast

APK is thrilled to announce a new arrival to our lineup of Beast Coast’s Special Guests: Renae Dambly will be joining us along with Dom Di Tommaso, Joe Scandrett, Calen Chan, Charlie Havill, and APK Sponsored Athletes Chad Zwadlo, Seth Ruji, and Luke Albrecht. Renae Dambly is a professional parkour performer and competitor from Denver, Colorado. She became the youngest coach at APEX Movement at the age of 16 years old. We reached her with a couple of questions in…

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