I remember sitting in the train station in Évry, Sébastien “sitting” while holding himself up, arms posted by his sides, rotating his mass in slow circles in each direction. He was helping me address my deep-rooted fears of falling. “If I got the power to fly right now, would I go so high up in the air?” he gets up, Superman pose, and throws himself flat on the hard granite floor. “Of course not, I would fly very low, test, see?”. That was in 2003, the first time I met him. He showed me the birthplace of Parkour that day, but so much more than that, he showed me the birth of an idea, a mindset, “his art”. adamant that “his art is his way”, and not anybody else’s way. Seb has always been a truly unique individual forging his own path. I’m excited to see how this is portrayed in the new documentary.- M2