Patrick Witbrod

Patrick Witbrod

Patrick is a software engineer and consultant who's been doing parkour for a while now. Constantly trying to improve himself, at his peak, he lost 30 lbs because of parkour and martial arts. Currently on the mend, he's working every day to be strong to be useful.

Getting to the finals of the World Chase Tag Championship 2019

World Chase Tag is a new sport based around the childhood game of tag, but with parkour based obstacles, timers, teams, and a whole lot more intensity. The court is 40ft x 40ft consisting of platforms, bars, and a slanted barrier around the perimeter. Athletes must try to evade for 20 seconds to score a point. Catch last year’s event on YouTube and stay tuned for this year’s final event where the American Team GNF (Going Nowhere Fast) makes it…

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Parkour at the NRV Juvenile Detention Center.

By Elijah Bowen APK Ambassador and owner of affiliated gym Blue Ridge Motion July 2019, I was given an opportunity to spend 3 hours in our local juvenile detention center in Christiansburg, Virginia, teaching Parkour and leading a discussion on fairness (a topic the center assigned me), for character development. This is part of a program they host called “Character counts”. It was a small group of young guys between the ages of 13 and 17. None of them looked…

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2019 North American Parkour Championship (NAPC7)

The 2019 North American Parkour Championship (NAPC7) garnered the highest level of competition in the world with bringing out top skill, speed, and style athletes in their respective specialties. With more than double the number of qualified athletes, we saw a much larger array of competition and many new faces in the sport parkour scene. In both the men’s and women’s divisions we saw an incredible display of talent with a couple athletes taking podium spots in multiple categories.  In…

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Art of Retreat 2019

The Art of Retreat is an idea-exchange platform supporting education, development, and leadership within Parkour. We come together twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall, to exchange new ideas and information across a wide array of subjects including coaching methods, education theory, best business practices, scientific research, architectural and urban design, global trends, and local community building. Come join us for the 5th Art of Retreat! We will be returning to Lake Wenatchee (Leavenworth, WA) for another year…

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Summit Parkour Intensive

Summit 2019 will bring together a national team of guest coaches, athletes, and participants to celebrate the practice of parkour and related movements. This three-day parkour intensive offers exploration applications, specialized workshops, and collaborative experiences to learn about, to widen, or to deepen your practice. No experience is necessary! Beginners to advanced athletes are all welcomed. This year’s Summit brings new and returning guest coaches including including Lorena Abreu, Christian Anderson, Jesse Danger, Ryan Mallon, Frank Mejia, Sparsha Pun, Christie Thomas, Nikkie Zanevsky,…

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