The 2019 North American Parkour Championship (NAPC7) garnered the highest level of competition in the world with bringing out top skill, speed, and style athletes in their respective specialties. With more than double the number of qualified athletes, we saw a much larger array of competition and many new faces in the sport parkour scene. In both the men’s and women’s divisions we saw an incredible display of talent with a couple athletes taking podium spots in multiple categories. 

In the men’s division a few standout performances were Joseph Henderson in speed taking the gold medal for the third time and managing to share 1st with Storm Freerun teammate Tim Champion. They battled it out in a tie breaker round but still ended in a tie.

In style we saw many returning athletes but two really smashed it. Ed Scott (Storm Freerun) hitting two incredible flow runs with a tsuk full for his big trick took him to first place and entry into this year’s Art of Motion. Second place was taken by Max Antal (Forge Parkour) who made history by doing a double side flip precision.

The women’s division had returning competitor Camila Stefaniu from Brazil take podium positions in all three events!
Sydney Olson of Tempest Freerunning smashed out a tsukahara for her big trick giving her the win as well as ⅔ finals challenges in skill for the gold. 

Congratulations to all competitors and everyone who has helped to support the sport parkour community! It’s an exciting step forward in our culture and we cannot wait to see more events popping up! Send us a message if you’re hosting one and we can add it to the APK events calendar!

APK Athlete Seth Ruji ( @sethjumps) also competed in skill and speed but had to drop out due to a prior injury. But you can catch him in London this Saturday, August 24th, at the World Chase Tag championship! Stay tuned to @worldchasetag on Instagram for more information.

Check out the full video from the NAPC7 Finals here