Scottsdale Parkour Challenge 2019

Want to do something fun that the who family can enjoy? Join the Scottsdale Parkour Challenge 2019, hosted by SPF Parkour Academy! Come Challenge yourself and have some fun with Ninja Warrior Jr obstacle course races, 15 minutes to win it parkour challenge, and epic Freerunning freestyle rounds. Spectators are welcome to come cheer on the contestants and learn more about the parkour community in Arizona.  More info available here Follow SPF Parkour Academy on Facebook here

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Texas Winter Jam 12

Kick off the new year with the Texas Winter Jam! A parkour jam is when a bunch of people from all over meet up to train, socialize, and even eat together. The Texas Winter Jam is exactly that, but they’ve taken it a step further. Here’s what you can look forward to:  Featuring a massive, diverse community gathering of like-minded characters of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds, lots of training, and Beginners’ Workshops, Kids Workshops, Women’s Workshop, and…

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San Jose Parkour 16th Year Anniversary Jam

San Jose Parkour is celebrating its 16th anniversary with a spectacular jam and everyone is welcome to attend! Their jam gets a little bigger every eight years, so this one will definitely be extra fun with extra spots to hit and extra styles to try out! Find out more about the San Jose Parkour Team, the event and its schedule here

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Oktoberfest Jam 2019

Oktoberfest is back just in time to close out training season with a bang! Come out and enjoy all of the frighteningly wonderful training this weekend will have to offer. This year will be a bit different from past years as the Jam will run in conjunction with the Parkour Scavenger Hunt. Find out more info about the Oktoberfest Jam here

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Philly Parkour Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and explore the city of Philadelphia with this parkour inspired scavenger hunt sponsored by Pinnacle Parkour Academy Philadelphia! Each team will jump, climb, and swing their way through Philadelphia in search of challenges cleverly scattered around University City. Score points by submitting a picture of a team member completing the challenge. Prizes to be announced and lots of memories to be made. All skill levels welcome, must be 18 or over to participate. This event will run during Oktoberfest Jam…

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