World Chase Tag is a new sport based around the childhood game of tag, but with parkour based obstacles, timers, teams, and a whole lot more intensity. The court is 40ft x 40ft consisting of platforms, bars, and a slanted barrier around the perimeter. Athletes must try to evade for 20 seconds to score a point.

Catch last year’s event on YouTube and stay tuned for this year’s final event where the American Team GNF (Going Nowhere Fast) makes it into the final round.

This year’s American team GNF consisted of 5 NAPC Speed qualified athletes from around the country.

  • Seth Ruji – Cincinnati, OH
  • Davis Vasconcellos – Oceanside, CA
  • Seth Wang – Boulder, CO
  • Sid Mohorovich – Bellingham, WA
  • Jake Migliorato – New York, NY
Seth Ruji and Davis Vasconcellos from team GNF (Getting Nowhere Fast)

GNF started with a match against the 3 time reigning champions Marrero Gang but managed to hold their own and win the match in a sudden death round. In the semi finals they made quick work of Breach pulling their way into the finals against Team United. United consisted of some of the fastest French athletes where it all came down to the final round of the match.

You’ll have to watch the videos as they come out on the World Chase Tag YouTube to find out exactly what happens.