Trevor de Groot

Trevor de Groot

APK Pro Team member. Trains in Stoney Creek, Ontario, "up in da Canada dere, eh?" Trevor's favourite foods are plantains, snow and licorice.

PKAB 2015

Earlier this summer I got the opportunity to go out to Calgary, Alberta to teach a workshop and judge the freestyle component of the competition they were hosting at their annual national jam, PKAB. I had never been to Calgary before and I was excited at the prospect of exploring a new place, meeting the parkour community out there and learning new things about movement and coaching. To make this trip even better, one of my best friends, Ethan, who also happens to…

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Etre-Fort Clothing Review

The growth of parkour as a sport seems to be happening quicker than ever before.  Parkour gyms are being established around the world, parkour events are becoming bigger and more accessible, and the technical and mental level of practitioners doesn’t appear to be heading towards a plateau anytime in the near future. One of the most interesting facets of growth I’ve seen parkour go through in the last few years is the rise of the parkour clothing company.  As parkour…

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Beach Days, Los Angeles and The Takeover

Recently I took a trip to California to hangout with some friends, get out of the snow and to check out the Tempest Pro Takeover.  Overall, the trip was a fantastic experience that allowed me to learn a lot about parkour, see new teaching styles and experience other parkour communities! This trip was exactly what I needed to start off the spring and summer of 2014, and I ended up coming back to Canada being super refreshed in terms of…

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Thoughts On Movement and The Creative Process

For my animation class we were asked to read the following article about the creative process: When Glei wrote “The theta state is characterized by the ability to shut out the world and deeply concentrate and connect with a task at hand.”  This quote really stood out to me because I feel that it relates to how I live my life, since I’ve never stopped playing.  I jump around on walls for fun, play at least 7 or 8…

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Winter training: a guide to cold-weather parkour training

It’s getting to be that time of year again, the time of year where most traceurs go into hibernation due to the winter months. The lucky traceurs who live in California, Texas, Florida, or other relatively warm areas don’t have to worry about cold temperatures, or snow, inhibiting their training. Unfortunately, I am not one of those lucky traceurs. Here in Canada, I’ve had to deal with the cold since I’ve started training. During that time, I’ve heard a variety of…

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