Parkour Over 40

Despite what a sampling of YouTube and “People are Awesome” videos might tell you, parkour is not just for ripped 18 year old boys doing double flips. In fact, while these spectacularly athletic and often courageous feats may get the spotlight, they are not the actual majority of parkour practice. Instead, it is a practice enjoyed by many people of both sexes across a broad spectrum of age, physical ability, and risk tolerance. Classes are available for children as young…

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APK Supports Formation of United States Parkour Association

Recently, several groups from across the United States have come together to form an association that will represent organizations, leaders, & athletes from across the country by working together for the promotion, development, & growth of parkour. We are currently working to build a framework that supports open governance, good communication, and best practices. As such, we don’t have much to tell you in terms of specific goals, as our first goal is to make a foundation that works for…

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Kate Miller Interview

Kate Miller is a high school physics teacher in Arlington, VA. She has been with American Parkour for 6 years: for five of those she has helped run the DC Area Women’s Meet Ups which have inspired similar groups across the country to help make parkour more diverse and inviting. Before finding Parkour ,Kate did gymnastics for 20 years, 5 of which were Club Gymnastics at the University of Michigan, which coincidentally has one of the biggest and longest running…

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Timothy Chen Allen Interview

Timothy Chen Allen is a 53 year old APK Ambassador who lives in Washington DC and works for FEMA. He is currently working and training on assignment in Puerto Rico. Tim had his 50th birthday at APK Academy in DC and he and APK founder Mark Toorock have been close friends ever since. APK: How old are you? TCA: 53 Aren’t you too old for Parkour? Haha! Almost certainly. But I don’t feel 53… at least I don’t feel like…

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2nd Generation Precision Trainer Live in APK Store

In 2005 we offered the first Precision Trainers. It took us 12 years to come up with a better design, and now you can own one yourself. These are the same precision trainers being used in DC public schools where thousands of children use them every year!  Starting today APK will offer them in the APK store! The new 2nd Generation APK Precision trainers come with a precision machined 100% recycled rubber base that is safe for hardwood and other…

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