Coming soon to DC… the North American Women’s Parkour Gathering

If you are a female—or male—in the DC area you should be excited for this summer! Beast Coast isn’t the only hot thing in town. On July 26-28 local traceuses are hosting THE North American Women’s Gathering right here in DC!  The event attracts women from the US and Canada as well as from other parts of the world. Why create/host/attend a women-only jam? The awesome people of course! Oftentimes parkour communities, while completely supportive of women, are male-dominated. It…

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Send a Beast to Beast

Send a Beast to Beast Overview: The Send a Beast to Beast initiative gives youth from the District of Columbia public school system a chance to experience the vibrant parkour lifestyle festival Beast Coast Jam. At this event they are able to train with and learn from experienced and inspirational practitioners from around the country and around the world. We offer this experience to the children at no cost, funding it through sponsorships and donations from individuals. American Parkour offers…

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Luke Albretch Interview

We had a chance to sit down and talk to APK Sponsored Athlete Luke Albrecht, the most lovable guy in parkour with a flair for fluidity. He lives out in Colorado, where he spends his time playing and perfecting his moves, coaching at Path Movement, or working at his local farmers market. How long have you been training? What would be your advice to anyone starting out? I started training in 2005, so it’s been over thirteen years. Natural progressions…

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We Are Not Gymnastics

This has taken me an absurd amount of time to get done. I’ve been hemming and hawing over this post since November and it’s most of the reason there haven’t been any other posts since then either. My struggle has gone from ‘I’m so angry about this I can’t even find words’, to ‘I’d like to contribute to this conversation, but don’t know how’, to ‘Why am I even bothering to write this? It’s not like it’ll actually make a…

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Seth Ruji is Joining the US World Chase Tag Team

American Parkour’s Seth Ruji will be joining US team “The Boys” and 5 other teams from around the world to compete in World Chase Tag (WCT) 3! A new sport that originated in the UK where competitors utilize parkour to evade or tag the opposing player. The rest of “The Boys” representing the US are Davis Vasconcellos, Joey Adrian, Tavon McVey, and Frank Mejia. If you don’t know what World Chase Tag is check out some of the highlights of WCT 2! The first two seasons were viewed…

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