Articles about American Parkour’s college club affiliates.

Introducing APKU

With college classes starting up around the nation we wanted to relaunch APKU, American Parkour’s college affiliate program. Last year was a big year for APKU. We signed on Montclair and now their club president is helping run APKU. Rowan’s club is allowed back on campus after a brief problem and we plan on using what was learned there to bring more knowledge to our other clubs. We are revamping our program to give more back to the clubs and…

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Known College Parkour Clubs

Choosing a college is a tough choice. You have to consider cost, location, majors offered, and a million other things. We’re a little biased but we hope the local parkour scene is something you’ve though about. APKU has several schools perfect for everyone from the experienced traceur to the person just getting started. Here is the list of APK affiliated College clubs Montclair State University Rowan University George Mason University University of Alaska Fairbanks Virginia Tech University Brock University Louisiana…

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