With college classes starting up around the nation we wanted to relaunch APKU, American Parkour’s college affiliate program.

Last year was a big year for APKU. We signed on Montclair and now their club president is helping run APKU. Rowan’s club is allowed back on campus after a brief problem and we plan on using what was learned there to bring more knowledge to our other clubs.

We are revamping our program to give more back to the clubs and  more back to the community.

  • We have new resources
  • We’re building connections between the clubs
  • We’re helping get them officially recognized
  • We’ve added requirements to strengthen the commitment of each club
  • We’ve added benefits to the program

Our APKU managers have tons of experience and are working tirelessly to apply that across the country.

  • Lindsey Marr saved the Rowan parkour club  by accepting leadership and working with the University to leave a legacy of safety and respect.
  • Eric Rossi has a year of first hand experience working with a difficult university to allow Montclair’s parkour club train on campus.

Together they are working with APK to build well structured sessions for clubs and enhancing the community connections among them. They both believe that a strong community connection will not only help these clubs, but also help to represent parkour
in a better light.

To find out more visit the APKU homepage and if you have any questions or want to become an APKU university email us at [email protected]