Adrienne Toumayan

Adrienne Toumayan

Adrienne is currently working as an events manager in Los Angeles where she uses parkour to explore the city. Adrienne is an APK Certified Instructor and she loves to write and travel. She has a degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and dreams of starting her own nonprofit focused on using sport, specifically parkour, as a tool for peace and development. Blog:

Visiting Lisses

For anyone new to the world of parkour, let me explain. Lisses, and its neighbor Évry, is where parkour began. It is where the founders pushed themselves and explored their physical and mental boundaries. And it is where the famous Dame du Lac structure can be found (photos below). Visiting Lisses is like going to the first spot someone ever surfed a wave. It is where the idea was born. And because of its significance in parkour history (even though it is…

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FAMJAM 2014: International Parkour/Freerunning Jam

I am completely exhausted and my body is in desperate need of rest, but I am absolutely loving life. I recently spent four days in Munich, Germany for FAMJAM 2014 hosted by Free Arts of Movement (FAM). I took the train in from Paris without knowing a word of German or a single person going to the jam. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve made this summer. It was a little overwhelming when I first arrived Wednesday…

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European Girls Parkour Day 2014

This weekend, I had the pleasure of joining about 15-20 women from all over France (+ one from Switzerland!) for the third annual European Girls Parkour Day. It was a two-day event hosted by Saïmiri Parkour in Mulhouse, France with all sorts of fun, training, challenges, and delicious flammekeuche (or however you spell it)! I got there just in time for the afternoon session on Saturday. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know a single person there and…

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Parkour Goggles – Adrienne Toumayan

So, do you just walk around and look for things to jump/climb on? This is one of the most common questions I get when I tell people I train parkour. And the answer is yes. Yes, I absolutely do. Honestly, one of the coolest things about training parkour is that your entire perception of the world changes. Handrails, benches, jersey barriers, walls, lines on the sidewalk… they all become opportunities. Every morning when I walk to the metro, I balance…

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