Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo

North American Parkour Championship 2017

NAPC (North American Parkour Championships) hosted by  Sport Parkour League, is one of the largest and  most organized parkour competitions in the world. In attendance this year were a large number of international athletes coming from Great Britain, England, France, Singapore, US, and across Canada. The main competition held in Vancouver, Canada at Origins Parkour with qualifiers happening in larger cities around the US;  Boston, Denver, Orlando, Seattle, and finally an on-site qualifier in Vancouver. NAPC has 3 events in which athletes…

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Hosting a Parkour Jam: A Beginners Guide

So you’re thinking about hosting a parkour jam but you don’t know how to go about it? It can be quite the daunting task filled with quite the llist of things to think about and do including determining the size of the jam, the schedule, locations, housing, cost, advertising, planning events, and finding volunteers. I don’t claim to be very experienced with hosting jams, but I’ve attended quite a number of them and feel like I have a decent bit…

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