Mark Toorock

Mark Toorock

Child at heart. Founder of American Parkour. Champion of play. Runs the APK Academy and Primal Fitness in Washington, DC.

Parkour Over 40

Despite what a sampling of YouTube and “People are Awesome” videos might tell you, parkour is not just for ripped 18 year old boys doing double flips. In fact, while these spectacularly athletic and often courageous feats may get the spotlight, they are not the actual majority of parkour practice. Instead, it is a practice enjoyed by many people of both sexes across a broad spectrum of age, physical ability, and risk tolerance. Classes are available for children as young…

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Parkour in the Insurance World

Last week, APK Ambassador Christina Caraballo went to Tennessee and had the privilege of speaking at the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s HERe conference. The coolest part is that her presentation was centered around American Parkour! Christina shared how the parkour community, especially APK, has helped her to navigate the rapidly evolving health IT industry by moving outside of her comfort zone to help shape the future of healthcare through technology. In her presentation, Success is About Scaling the Wall in…

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Ambassador Spotlight Blake ‘Thor’ Barrett

APK Ambassador Blake “Thor” Barrett is a real-life superhero. He lives his life in a away that inspires and improves the lives of others, especially the children he interacts with on a daily and weekly basis. APK: We know you like to dress up like Spiderman, can you tell us a little more about that? As far as entertaining kids I got into it about ten years ago and I highly contribute it to my true start of training in…

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APK Founder Invited to CityLab

I’m incredibly honored and excited that The Aspen Group has invited me to attend this year’s CityLab. I’m working to ensure that my role is one where the playful spirit, exploration, and health benefits of Parkour training that can apply to people of all physical abilities are built into future city designs. CityLab is a celebration of cities and city life. This one of a kind ​gathering brings together mayors from around the world, along with urban experts, business leaders,…

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Welcome Laura Devinsky

We are stoked to announce the addition of Laura Devinsky to our team! Laura will be managing the APK Store, doing everything from keeping our designs fresh to making sure our customers are well cared for, and keeping high interactivity between the store and our community through contests, promotions, and social media interactions. Laura has experience in Marketing from her recent work at the Discovery Channel, and social media from her work at No Kid Hungry. Her worldly perspective comes…

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