I’m incredibly honored and excited that The Aspen Group has invited me to attend this year’s CityLab. I’m working to ensure that my role is one where the playful spirit, exploration, and health benefits of Parkour training that can apply to people of all physical abilities are built into future city designs.

CityLab is a celebration of cities and city life. This one of a kind ​gathering brings together mayors from around the world, along with urban experts, business leaders, artists and activists. Participants come together to explore solutions for the most pressing issues facing city leaders and city dwellers alike. While there are deep divisions in the world today, CityLab attendees are united by their ambition to make their cities more vibrant and livable.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas to help shape my presence at the event. Email me [email protected].

 – Mark Toorock, APK Founder