Keith Mylett

Keith Mylett

Keith Mylett is an APK ambassador and the head coach and owner of Precision Pinnacle Parkour in Hawaii!

Top 10 Parkour Spots in the United States of America

This list was composed and written by American Parkour Ambassadors Raul Piscoya and Keith Mylett. It’s by no means comprehensive and is meant to be a living document. If you send us a spot that’s better and we add it to the article we’ll give you credit and a $20 gift card to the APK Store. 10. The Strip – Las Vegas, NV Alone at night, headphones in, sweat dripping down – your mission?  Solo night run down the strip…

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Top 10 Parkour Games for Kids

I’ve been teaching kids parkour for the last two years.  Here is a top ten list of games that I have used in parkour classes for kids ages 5-12.  I believe that parkour should be fun, and kids love to play.  Because most of these games are geared towards non-stop motion, they can be quite strenuous and make great warm ups or end of training conditioning for traceurs and traceusses of all ages. The goal is to keep players engaged…

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