This list was composed and written by American Parkour Ambassadors Raul Piscoya and Keith Mylett. It’s by no means comprehensive and is meant to be a living document. If you send us a spot that’s better and we add it to the article we’ll give you credit and a $20 gift card to the APK Store.

10. The Strip – Las Vegas, NV

Alone at night, headphones in, sweat dripping down – your mission?  Solo night run down the strip trying not to get caught or stopped by security.  It’s possible to start at the Luxor and run a line all the way down to Ceasar’s Palace without being stopped, just be sure to let it ride and keep moving!  This fun run not only has good stuff to jump on, rails, kong precisions, and obstacles to get playful on, but you also can vibe off the energy from the crowds – lots of tipsy people having fun may throw money at you, take off their heels and try to join the fun, or simply cheer you on.  Running under the Vegas lights, not stopping, feeling the urgency of not getting caught makes this a fun spot to play.

9. Ala Moana Beach – Honolulu, HI


Known as the “mecca” of parkour in Hawaii, this beautiful beach park has ledges, pillars, palm trees, and sand which all make up a spectacular place to explore and train.  If you’re lucky, you might get a “mountain blessing” on a hot day, when the rain mists on you, rainbow in the sky, all while the sky is blue.  There is a lot to explore in this big park and surrounding area, and as a bonus you get to cool off in the water while the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.  Hit up the locals to experience the aloha with a friendly jam.


8. Gasworks – Seattle, Washington

Quite possibly one of the most unique public parks in the U.S., Gasworks is a reclaimed coal gasification plant, that has both covered and open training areas that feature industrial obstacles.  If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to train in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Gasworks is as close as you’ll get.


7. Balboa Park – San Diego, CA

This beautiful park with gardens, rock walls, massive twisting roots, and sunlight filtered through the leaves will make you feel like you’re in a movie.  San Diego is temperate year round and you can find a lot of people training at Balboa Park.  If you get a chance and are extremely lucky, one of the thousands of monarch butterflies that stop by here in spring may perch on your head after landing a precision.


6. Grand Fountain – Flint, MI

Maybe not extremely well known outside of Michigan, this spot is most traceur’s dreams come true.  Tons of unique concrete architecture provides creative challenges and obstacles that seems like it was made for parkour.  With a spot like this, it’s no wonder that Michigan has a healthy parkour scene – who wouldn’t want to jump around this awesome spot that is seemingly made for parkour?

Wenxin Yang – Video of Grand Fountain


5. Central Park – New York, NY

Most people conjure up Times Square in their mind when thinking about NYC, but there is also a wild escape from the urban jungle of New York.  Central Park is a expansive wilderness that mixes urban concrete obstacles with natural elements.  Whether at Heckscher Playground with its concrete bridges, rails, and natural rock formations, Bethesda Fountain, jumping over a creek, or using the park’s calisthenics equipment, there are tons of opportunities to mix man made and natural elements in your movement.


4. University of Colorado – Boulder, CO

This is the place to go if you want to go “buildering” in Boulder.  Huge, expansive views of Flagstaff Mountain will invigorate you and inspire you to go big in this urban parkour landscape that feels natural at the same time.  Cat leaps, walls, concrete staircases, climbing the old castle style mortar rocks surrounding the campus buildings, and bountiful jumps fill up this huge campus.

Trip to Colorado-Apex-NAT Jam-Parkour/Freerunning – Bob Reese


3. Downtown San Antonio – San Antonio, TX

Many communities have wooden playgrounds, but only San Antonio has cool metal bridges, multiple wooden playgrounds downtown – so this city is perfect for bringing out your inner kid and letting your playfulness run free.  San Antonio can sometimes feel like the Wild West – big obstacles, big playgrounds, big old handicap ramps, and tons of open area to accommodate the thriving parkour community that trains here.


2. U.C. Berkeley – Berkeley, CA


The community here has built a fine reputation with local security and law enforcement to create a place to train where there is mutual respect and understanding.  This big campus offers days of possibilities without getting bored or repetition.  Grippy walls, interesting and unique architecture, and a creative, laid back environment all contribute to a choice place to train, jump, and move.  The random quidditch games, slacklining, yoga, zombie wars, nerf gun battles, and whatever other alternative activity here, just may inspire you to try new things and be more creative.  Hit this community up with a request to train, and there will definitely be homies to jump with.


1. Freeway Park – Seattle, Washington

Vertical ledges, never ending runs, and endless possibilities make this spot a must train on any traceur’s list.  The architecture in this park was built to encourage playful exploration.  Anyone, regardless of a background in parkour, will get the urge to jump, climb and, move on the grippy, gritty concrete that is perfect for Seattle’s infamous rainy climate.

Tic Tac Media BC and Seattle 2013