Chris Kaufhold

Chris Kaufhold

Chris is a father of four from Lincoln, Nebraska who wears a few hats at APK including product design, marketing, and corporate strategy.

Three Things to Bring When You Start Doing Parkour (And One Fun Optional Thing!)

When I first started my Parkour training, I was running around downtown on my lunch breaks. Definitely not ideal, but I wanted to get out and move. Between work and family, it was tough finding opportunities for play, so I worked with what time I had. Despite coming back to work a bit damp with sweat and out of breath, my co-workers were thankfully always supportive and encouraging. I learned a lot during those lunch breaks and eventually started carving…

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American Ninja Warrior is Back!

We just heard from NBC and American Ninja Warrior about the next season. Think you have what it takes to be a ninja warrior? Here are the juicy details: American Ninja Warrior is back for Season 6 and there are some exciting changes: The first being that all episodes will air on NBC only. In addition, we’ve made the application slightly shorter and we’ve cut the previously required video length in half. As always, we are looking for energetic, creative,…

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The tales of Christmas parkour stories

Not every Christmas Parkour video has a story like Santa Parkour, but they all share an important message: we have one of the greatest communities on Earth, a giant family full of love and support, and we should all be very thankful that Parkour has brought us all together. We wanted to stroll through a few Christmas parkour videos that have warmed our hearts throughout the years, starting with recent videos and ending with the one that started it all.…

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