Not every Christmas Parkour video has a story like Santa Parkour, but they all share an important message: we have one of the greatest communities on Earth, a giant family full of love and support, and we should all be very thankful that Parkour has brought us all together.

We wanted to stroll through a few Christmas parkour videos that have warmed our hearts throughout the years, starting with recent videos and ending with the one that started it all.

Last week we were treated to the biggest Christmas Parkour video ever, “Santa Parkour” by Ronnie Shalvis of Ronnie Street Stunts. Ronnie has made some incredible videos in the past such as Star Wars Parkour, several Assassin’s Creed videos, and Zombie Parkour: The Flipping Dead. Ronnie is an extremely talented athlete and shares his knowledge through tutorials on his YouTube channel.

This year has had several Christmas Parkour videos, but the biggest has been viral hit, “Santa Parkour.”

Unlike past Christmas and holiday Parkour videos, “Santa Parkour” tells a chilling story about Santa. Having trained for speed for centuries, Santa finally reveals his secret of getting from rooftop to rooftop: expert-level Parkour and Freerunning! Santa must’ve forgotten his Feiyues this year because he takes a terrible spill from a snow-covered roof. Better luck next year, Santa.

In the past, we’ve seen several awesome winter jam videos such as “Merry Christmas, Traceurs!” from our friends at Parkour Miramas:

“Merry Christmas, Traceurs!” features some high-flying Santas training hard and celebrating the most important part of the Christmas season, family. Blood or not, this time of year is for sharing love and compassion with our families near and far. Snow and freezing temperatures can’t ice out our burning passion for Parkour!

2010 brought us “FAT BOY” Parkour and Freerunning by the Tapp twins:

The Tapp brothers put on fat suits and elf hats and got down in this hilarious video. It’s downright impressive that they’re still able to move as well as they can in those suits! Silliness aside, this video drives home an important point: Parkour is all about having fun and being comfortable in your own body.

Jesse La Flair even made a Christmas video, “PARKOUR CHRISTMIX.”

It’s truly amazing to look back and see that Jesse’s goal in 2011 was to reach over 10,000 subscribers. He’s now over 160,000! Amazing, Jesse! Please keep spreading the movement! It doesn’t seem to get too cold in LA which makes it a great place for year-round training. Jesse welcomes us into his home to see his tree and give thanks to his fans.

And then there’s the original, that started it all off:

Stay warm and train safe. Check out our winter training guide, and gear up with the holiday specials in our Store. From our family at American Parkour, we wish you a very happy holiday and happy training. Have a great new year!