Patrick Witbrod

Patrick Witbrod

Patrick is a Technology and Business senior at Missouri S&T where he practices parkour. Constantly trying to improve himself, he's lost 30 lbs because of parkour and martial arts and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Parkour is for Girls Too!

DC Women try Parkour through Free, Monthly Meetups. It’s no secret, there are more guys than girls in the parkour community. But why? Surely girls are just as creative and adventurous. So, how can we get more women in parkour? To answer this question, we made it our objective to create new opportunities for them to come together and train. Through online platforms including Facebook, ActiveLife DC, and, we reached out to women from all around DC, Maryland, and…

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Mark Toorock Interviews David Belle

American Parkour founder Mark Toorock was able to get in touch with old friend and Parkour founder David Belle to ask a few questions about Brick Mansions. Here are David’s answers as relayed by Florian Busi: American Parkour: How did you convince them to let you add so much real parkour to the opening chase scene? David Belle: I didn’t have to convince them, they knew why they wanted to engage me. The opening chase scene is a touch of Banlieue 13, the…

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Brick Mansions and Parkour

So you just got out of the theater after seeing Paul Walker’s penultimate film and were really impressed by the stunt work and that French guy who played Lino. You came to the right place. That stunt work was based off of parkour and that French guy, was David Belle the man credited with founding parkour years ago. So what’s Next? That’s up to you! Do you want to continue down the path you’re on or do you want to…

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Rutgers NJ Intercollegiate Jam

April 13th was the Rutgers’ NJ Intercollegiate Jam, not only did Gabriel Sanchez host an amazing jam, but he brought NJ parkour clubs together. He started a bond between himself, Eric Rossi (Montclair), and Ben Gilson (Rowan), which is what is need for college clubs. Not only were people learning and growing in their training during this event, but club leaders were sharing tips and advice on how to run a club. All three college clubs are part of the…

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Overcoming Fear – Ronnie Shalvis

Ronnie Shalvis the the mind behind some of the most recognizable parkour videos on youtube sent us an article outlining his steps to overcome fear in Parkour and life. It’s definitely worth a read! Overcoming Fear A question I often get asked, is how to overcome fear. Whether it’s a fear of heights, a fear of flipping or even just trying something new. I’m going to explain how we can come to understand our fears, and the steps you can…

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