Collin Cooper
An introduction long overdue is in order for our new head trainer, Collin Cooper. Collin brings us a wealth of experience from Minnesota’s Fight or Flight Academy, an APK affiliate. A member of the Tribe, Collin brings his amazing athletic skills and his love of sharing knowledge of our discipline at APK Academy. Collin has already settled in, giving valuable instruction to our kids classes and summer camps, as well as lending a hand at our open gyms. His contributions have already given us much needed support to expand our universe.

Collin enjoys competing in parkour competitions, placing third in our recent Beast Coast Fast contest, and performances like the ones he does for The Tribe. Collin enjoys the simple pleasures in life: video games, anime, and travelling across the country looking for new places to train. Look out for him soon in national events.

Stop by and give the big guy a shout next time you are in D.C.