Get ready for a thrilling display of agility, speed, and strategy as the World Chase Tag™ WCT6 World Championships are set to take place in the Paris suburb of Évry from April 26 to 28. This high-octane event will see 8 top-tier teams from the Pan-American region demonstrating their incredible athleticism in a bid to be crowned the best in the world.

In the Women’s Division, we have Anarchy, Kunoichi, and Nemesis set to take the stage. These formidable teams have proven their mettle in the past, and are ready to showcase their prowess on the global stage. Expect fierce competition as these talented athletes push their limits in the quest for the title of World Champions.

In the Open Division, we’ll witness electrifying performances from Brazil’s Voltz Parkour, and The United States’ Apex Moon, APK Blue, Dexterity Depot, and Hollywood Freerunners. These teams have trained relentlessly, honing their skills and perfecting their strategies in preparation for the championship. Each team brings something unique to the table, promising an intense competition filled with thrilling chases and world-class competition.

As we count down the days to the championship, the anticipation and excitement only grow. The stage is set for an unforgettable event. Many are calling this competition a “USA vs. France” event, but don’t discount team Parkour Man from China. May the best teams win!

Check out the Pan-american Teams that are participating:
Open Division (BR)
Voltz Parkour @voltzparkour_chasetag
Open Division (USA)
Apex Moon @apexmovement
APK Blue @apkblue.wct
Dexterity Depot @dexteritydepot
Hollywood Freerunners @hollywoodfreerunner

Women’s Division (USA)
Anarchy @anarchy.wct
Kunoichi @Kunoichi


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