A new APK affiliate gym opened up in October and it’s been going strong since. It’s even been featured on MidWeek Magazine, “Hawaii’s favorite magazine.”


The gym is run by APK certified instructor Keith Mylett. It’s the only parkour gym in Hawaii. It offers classes for all age groups, from 3 and up.

The goal of the gym is simple. “At Precision Parkour, we want people to come in and do something awesome that they didn’t think they could do before they came in,” says Kieth. The gym follows the motto “Level up in real life”.

Kieth teaches English (and organizes the yearbook class) at Kalani High School. He started training parkour with Hawaii Parkour ages ago. We are really proud to have Kieth on-board and teaching a new generation of traceurs. Everyone at APK looks forward to watching Precision Parkour grow.

To find out more about Precsion Parkour, visit their website here.