Black ‘Ninja’ Weekend and Cyber ‘Matrix’ Monday

Update 11/30: Oops! We ran a huge sale, but didn’t list the HUNDREDS of pairs of Feiyue Ninjas we have in stock. Get yours now for 20% off, extended until Sunday night at Midnight. Use code “apkninja2013extended!” during the checkout process.

This weekend brings us Black Ninja Weekend, where you can get the best traceur footwear, the Ninja Feiyues, for 20% off. Next Monday brings us Cyber Matrix Monday, where you bend the rules and get 20% off your entire purchase!

Use the following coupons in our APK Store during the check-out:




Written by

Paul Mederos

Founded the Virginia Tech Parkour club. Currently living in Silicon Valley, teaching startups how to move. Find him on Twitter. Once know as LeoNn. Retired member of the Tribe.