If there was ever a piece of clothing that symbolized the determination and pride that goes into our training, this is it. It’s hand made, super tough, $69.00, and there are only 15 in existence!

This limited edition, hand-crafted hoodie is a tribute to the hard work and dedication it takes to be the best, to train at the top of your game. The Tribe mark is hand-sewn on each hoodie, the hoodie is then carefully hand-ironed so that the Tribe mark is inseparable from the material. The edges are then frayed by hand and hand trimmed. Finally, American Parkour’s signature blue “P” is embroidered into the side of the hoodie.

Each hoodie takes hours of crafting to complete, so that you can train in it for years and years. Wear this as a reminder of the dedication you put into your movement.

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