DC Area Women’s Meetups recently celebrated their four-year anniversary!

Photo: Peter Waterman

Run by women and supported by APK, Women’s Meetups were created with the intention of building and maintaining an active, local women’s community. Over the past four years, our idea has grown as first-timer traceuses and seasoned practitioners come together to train each and every month. Together, girls and women play movement games, create challenges, and support each other as we push ourselves both mentally and physically.

We are thrilled that participants who attend Women’s Meetups often also attend co-ed jams and/or classes at APK or other gyms, helping us achieve our goal of a stronger, more inclusive co-ed parkour community in DC. Other women’s-only jams have been popping up from San Francisco (run by Tribe Member, Raul Piscoya, and Gabby StMartin) to Colorado (run by Laura Shaklee). Find out more about DC Area Women’s Parkour Community by following us on facebook, meetup.com, or emailing [email protected].