Parkour is growing up, and along the way we’ve certainly had our share of growing pains. What we all share is a passion for moving, improving, and becoming stronger so that we can be useful to others. American Parkour is proud to be among the founding groups of a new US based governing body for Parkour, USPK.


Here is a governing body which is just getting started which is being founded on the principles of Good Governance, Plurality, and Transparency. The aim of the group is to be inclusive and to represent the practitioner’s voice, as well as being a place where parkour related groups can share experience and best practices to pass on to the next generation.

In the coming days there will be a Volunteer Application Form published, USPK wants as many diverse practitioners as possible to be part of the group so that it is truly representative of the majority. Within the next few months the group will launch its Mission Statement and Bylaws – these things are not easy, we’re taking the time to do it right, built on principles that are sure to create a group that is inclusive, representative, and run on good governance.

Please check out the website and join the Facebook group to start being a part of the conversation.



Founder, American Parkour