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Dive Roll Limbo

By: Henry Collie – 2009


Last issue I wrote about a game that would help with your quadruple movement among other things. This month however I am going to tell you about a game which will help with dive rolls and accuracy (In sight and in movement). This game is a variation on the old school game limbo.
Warning: Do not attempt the following until you can already preform the standard shoulder roll.

The Game: Dive Roll Limbo


  1. Get a hula hoop or stick (Or something similar)
  2. Designate an approximate starting height for the hula hoop and mark a space on the ground from which the player can jump.
  3. Begin by diving from the space on the ground and through the hoop onto the ground and rolling.
  4. Do this until everyone has tried and then lower the height.
  5. Continue in this way until everyone has tried and failed.


There are lots of different variations on this for instance:
  • Move the hula hoop further away
  • Dive over the stick
  • Try to dive in different ways e.g. twist your body on the way through the hoop.
  • Make the hoop or stick higher.
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