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Fox Tails

Fox tails is basically a game or elimination tag played with Parkour!

Fox Tails
what: like a game of elimination tag. last one standing wins   (a free for all game)


  1. Everyone playing takes of their shirt and sticks it into the back of their pants “as if it was a tail”
  2. Create boundaries that everyone must stay inside.
  3. Get everyone to stand in a circle facing inward.
  4. On GO its a free for all! Try to pull out everyone’s fox tail while doing what you can to defend your own tail!

TIP:  as more and more people are eliminated make the out of bounds boundry smaller and smaller   to make it harder for the ones left.

Where:  Anywhere.

Tips to make the game run smoothly:  people who are out, go to a location (not inbounds)  and sit or something.
as more and more people get out you want to make the boundaries smaller n smaller.  so have some boundary limits pre-determined. Try to get some one to be a referee  (to determine WHEN to make boundaries smaller  and watch out for whatever else a referee watches out for.

WARNING:  When playing  make sure you are paying close attention to the people and obstacles around you. Just because its a game doesn’t mean that it takes the risk out of any Parkour you do so watch your self !

Last man standing wins!!


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