Wenxin Yang

Wenxin Yang

APK Ambassador Wenxin Yang started Parkour in the fall of 2007. He was heavily involved in the University of Michigan Parkour club. He is now attending The Ohio State University studying business.

Interview with David Flaherty

APK Ambassador Wenxin Yang interviews David Flaherty a man who, after training for 61 non-consecutive days, lost over 40 lbs and improved his health immensely.   Where are you from and what do? David – I am from Scranton PA and I am a general contractor. So I understand that as of this year, you are 41 years old. Why did decide to start training Parkour? David – I started to do Parkour to get closer to my son Chris and then it became about…

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A Word from an Injured Traceur

By: Wenxin Yang A year ago I took a nasty fall at the Chicago National Jam. It was the first of its kind in my entire career of doing Parkour thus far. I was very badly hurt by the initial shock but did not think too much of it at the time, I was inexperienced with radical injuries as I have never gotten myself into one. However, it was enough to put me out of commission for the rest of weekend.…

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