David Flaherty

APK Ambassador Wenxin Yang interviews David Flaherty a man who, after training for 61 non-consecutive days, lost over 40 lbs and improved his health immensely.  

Where are you from and what do?

David – I am from Scranton PA and I am a general contractor.

So I understand that as of this year, you are 41 years old. Why did decide to start training Parkour?

David – I started to do Parkour to get closer to my son Chris and then it became about the freedom of movement. I find my nightmares are not as frequent and my family and I are getting closer because I have become approachable.

What has been the biggest challenge so far in your trainings?

David – Time has been very tough to manage for training. I simply have to train when and wherever I can. Even if it is vaulting a railing on the way into the grocery store. Or precision jumps on the work sites during lunch.

What is your favorite aspect of training Parkour?

David – My favorite aspect is by far the community involvement. The Parkour community is the best. I get so much support from everyone. The highlight of my journey so far has been training with M2 and APK.

You’re an Iraq War veteran. Have any of your experiences in the military carried over into Parkour?

David – Some training from the Army has helped me but if Parkour came first I would still have a few more friends with me today. Parkour could have saved lives in the sandbox.

What are some of the benefits you have seen since you have began training?

David – Since I started training my health has changed dramatically. The doctor lowered my blood pressure meds and my cholesterol levels went from 250s down to 170s not to mention I lost 43 pounds as of today.

Blood Pressure Change

You have a 17 year-old son that trains with you, describe a typical training session.

David – Typical is hard to get. We try to always train the basics and practice a lot of bailouts. Because of my goal for the Kong I am doing a lot of QM and jump ups. We also like to turn wherever we are into a Parkour training arena. My son is further than I am so he likes to get me trying new things.

You said that your biggest fear right now are Kong Vaults, how’s that been going and have you made any breakthroughs?

David – I have made a few breakthroughs with the Kong thanks to M2. I am no longer scared of the movement just working on the progression.

Any certain skill you aspire to be able to achieve one day?

David – The skills I am trying to achieve are being able to motivate others and show the way to people looking for a freedom of mind that I only get from movement. I don’t want to be considered great or get to a certain place in Parkour. I just want to keep moving.

Have you had any injuries so far in your journey and if so, how did you manage recovery process?

David – I have had a few injuries but minor. Sprains and contusions but I listen to my doctor then get back to training.

Being a working man with a family, how do you manage juggling work, family time, and training time?

David – I know longer juggle time. At work I train, with my family I train and when I get me time I train. Even if I am not physically moving my mind is.

There is an increasing amount of folks around your age that are taking interest in Parkour, but may be hesitant due to perhaps thinking their age prevents them from training. Do you have any advice for them in regards to beginning their journey with Parkour?

David – Anyone getting ready to train should first known that we are all here for you. Use us. If you think age sex or even health can stop you then you are wrong. If you moved to the bathroom this morning then you can move out your door and from there the journey starts. I was told I will have trouble or even never be able to walk again yet here I am. Just keep moving, you don’t have to race to do it all, just move even if it starts as a walk to the store instead of using the car. Just move.