Chad Zwadlo

Chad Zwadlo

APK Pro Team member. Owner of Fight or Flight Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lover of ponies and mustaches...but not mustaches on ponies.

Fight or Flight 4th Annual “Ground is Lava” Competition

Fight or Flight Academy hosted their 4th annual “Ground is Lava” competition on Saturday, Jan 10th.  Tribe member and Ninja Warrior star Drew Drechsel designed the course and was the  head judge for the event.  There were 25 participants in the kids part of the event.  Drew took the kids through each obstacle and worked with them on how to complete it.  When the full course was ran, the kids were not timed so they could enjoy running the course…

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Martial Arts Vs. Parkour

Parkour is often considered a discipline and compared to martial arts in it’s training.  I have my own personal thoughts on this…and I figured I’d share. My Background in Martial Arts As a young kid, I tried a bunch of traditional American sports.  I was in a softball league, I was on a basketball team, I did wrestling for like a week, I went to about four track practices, and I was even on a bowling league.  None of this…

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Safety in Parkour

The discipline of parkour is not intended in any way to be dangerous. Even the very definition of parkour that many of us use is the fastest, most efficient, and SAFEST way to traverse an environment.

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