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    Whether you are an absolute beginner curious to find out what parkour is all about, or you’re an experienced practitioner, our Academy has everything you need. Find The Schedule Here

Adult Parkour Classes


      Parkour Foundations (for absolute beginners and first-timers)

      From day one you’ll be moving over, across, under and through various obstacles! Through this 4-week course, you’ll be safely introduced to the basic movements of parkour such as landing, rolling, vaulting and climbing, all while naturally building strength, speed, stamina and balance in a safe environment.


      PK L.I.T.E (Low.Impact.Training.Elements)

      Whether you’re a beginner that hasn’t run a mile since middle school gym class or an experienced traceur looking to level up your game, this class will give you a custom training curriculum based off of your fitness goals.


    PK Stride

    Hit your stride and your parkour techniques become automatic! This class is about solidifying the skills learned in the Foundations Course.



    Explore different training styles in the Explore classes!


    Saturday Open Parkour Class For Adults

    Train under the watchful eye of one of our American Parkour Certified Trainers. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this class gives you the flexibility to work on the most basic or advanced movements you would like.


    Flips Classes

    Always wanted to learn a back flip? There is only one answer to that question. Coaches guide you through the progressions for back flips, front flips, side flips, aerials, wall flips and so many more! If you’ve never done anything acrobatic in your life, you’ll start with the basics of tumbling and freerunning like cartwheels, rolls, and palm spins as you progress towards the more advanced acrobatics. If you’ve mastered the skills already mentioned, let us challenge you with new variations and more complex tricks!


    Beginner’s Drop-In

    If you’re looking for a way to get into parkour training but can’t make the Foundations schedule, the Beginner’s Drop-In is the place for you. Every class we’ll go over the basics and help you perfect your technique on the most important fundamentals of parkour. If you’ve never done anything remotely parkour-like in your life, or if you’ve been training for a while and just want to brush up on some basic skills, come check it out! This class meets Saturdays at 2pm to 3pm

  • Kid’s Parkour Classes


    Kid’s Parkour

    The APK Academy offers the only classes in the District to engage children in gymnastic activity while allowing for creativity and fun to be at the forefront.


    Saturday Classes For Kids

    Your child will have the opportunity to train in our facility under the careful instruction of an American Parkour certified trainer. Whether they want to try parkour for the first time or become the next American Ninja Warrior, this class will get your child moving.


    Young Kids Parkour

    This class is for little ninjas who aren’t quite old enough for our other offerings. Kids ages 4 to 6 begin their movement education to develop a lifelong love of progression through play


Special Events


    Private Parties and Events

    Looking to throw your child an unforgettable birthday party while teaching them and their friends how to move like their favorite Superheros? Want to take your colleagues, teammates or friends out for a memorable fun and physically engaging private parkour event?


    School Assembly Experience

    American Parkour is proud to offer your entire school the opportunity to have the most memorable, interactive assembly experience of the year! We can bring our expert instructors to your school and safely introduce parkour to kids and teachers alike.


    Day Off of School Camps

    Day-long camps for kids to constructively use their energy on days off from school! Learn parkour, play games, and so much more!


Parkour is founded on the work and principles of Georges Hébert

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