APK Academy Closing Down

APK Academy Says Goodbye

Dear Friends, Family, and Community, all of which you are to us,

We have made the tough decision to close down the gym and cease operations permanently on January 31st.

Since the gym opened its doors in 2006 as the first in the world built for parkour classes, thousands of people have entered those doors and become like family to us. We’ve cheered the accomplishments that have come as a result of weeks, months, and even years of work and focus. We’ve watched students graduate from kids classes to adult classes as they grow and mature. We’ve had people walk in as brand new students and walk out as confident coaches. We’ve been a place of refuge after a long work day. We’ve been a place to see the familiar faces of friends, brought together and bonded over a love of movement and sense of community. As we prepare to close those doors for the last time, all of us here feel immense gratitude to everyone who walked in with their energy and enthusiasm and made this old firehouse into a community and a family.

Please keep in touch! Don’t hesitate to reach out about anything, including guidance about how to continue your parkour training.

Mark- [email protected] / (844) 472-7568 x700
Travis- [email protected] / (734) 645-7424

If it weren’t for a raging pandemic we would have every one of you here to train and party, like so many memorable First Fridays. Instead, the best we can do is send virtual hugs all around!

Should you wish to continue training with our amazing coaches, please realize that this will not be connected to American Parkour and will not be covered by our insurance. You can contact them directly here:

Nate Revolus- [email protected] / (973) 954-1741
Matt ‘Brother’ Wachtman- [email protected] / (443) 955-8227
Sasha Green- [email protected] / (202) 423-7991

All memberships will cease at the end of the month, no need to do anything on your end.

As we are leaving the firehouse altogether, this is a great time for you to pick up some equipment at incredible prices. Please see the “APK Academy Sale” section of the APK Store.

Should you need our EIN for tax purposes it is- American Parkour Academy LLC 99-0384191