WOD 9-26-14: Handstand Pushup Training

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APK WOD 9-26-14

Start with an APK Warm-Up

Handstand Pushup Training

Handstand pushups (HSPUs) are one of the hardest bodyweight exercises to master, with infinite variations possible.

Start with decline push-ups with your feet raised as much as possible to achieve full range of motion.

Work towards doing them assisted with your feet on a platform and a 90 degree bend at the hips.

Then work your HSPUs against a wall, either just the negative (lowering) portion or the whole movement.

If you can do several reps at this intensity, start adding a little range of motion by raising your hands on blocks (textbooks work well, or parellettes).

Work towards a free-standing HSPU, then an increased ROM free-standing HSPU, then an HSPU on rings, then a free-standing HSPU on rings, then add a weight vest, then do them one-handed, then one handed on a ring with a weight vest!!

Most importantly, spend 30 minutes challenging yourself with this skill.

Finish up with a stretch