“There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power.” -Honore de Balzac

APK WOD 5-20-14

Start with an APK Warm-Up

 Muscle-Up training.

The muscle-up is an extremely important skill to master.

Spend 30-40 Minutes working on exercises to improve the muscle-up. This includes pull-ups, dips, jumping muscle-ups, and muscle-up negatives (starting at the top position and slowly lowering down to the bottom.)

You can also work on climb-ups on a wall.

If you can already do muscle-ups, challenge yourself by trying to do max muscle-ups in 10 minutes, or 50 climb-ups for time.

We last did this 12-17-13, look back in your training log and compare your progress!

Finish up with a stretch