“A sense of humor is the ability to understand a joke – and that the joke is oneself.” -Clifton Fadiman

APK WOD 5-15-14

Start with an APK Warm-Up

Strength Training: BSS

Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats. (This wall is a little high, try to put your foot a bit lower if you can.)

Find access to a set of Dumbells if you can, or find a way to improvise by holding something heavy (cinderblocks, paint cans, gallon jugs of water..).

Warm up with 3 sets of 5, getting a bit heavier each time if possible. Then do 3 more sets of 5 with the same weight.

We last did this 3-13-14 check your training log and add weight.

Finish up with a stretch, especially for your hamstrings, quads, and glutes.