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APK WOD 3-27-15

Start with an APK Warm-Up

One Arm Push Up Strength Skill

One-Arm-Push-Up : For 30 minutes, work the one-arm push-up and requisite skills. If you are unable to perform the one-arm push-up, start with finger-assistance with your non-working hand, assistance with one hand up on a box or other raised platform, or staggered-hand push-ups. Working on slowly lowering through the negative portion can also be of great help in gaining the strength to perform the movement. Remember that one of the tricks to this exercise is full-body tension, so pay attention to squeezing hard with your entire body throughout the movement. For those capable of performing one-arm push-ups, working a powerful concentric press with a controlled lowering can add to the difficulty and help expand your skill and strength.

Finish up with a stretch