“I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.” -George Burns

APK WOD 1-20-15

Start with an APK Warm-Up

Conditioning Challenge- Burpee Broad Jump and L-Sit

The Burpee Broad Jump is an incredibly energy-intensive movement. The L-Sit is phenomenal isometric core exercise that will add stability to every movement you perform.

The way this one works is alternating the Burpee Broad Jump with the L-Sit. The length of time you must hold the L-Sit is dependent on the amount of time it takes to perform the Burpee Broad Jump.

Set a clock and Burpee Broad Jump 15 times. stop the clock when you’re done and hold an L-Sit for that long. If you aren’t able to hold a full L-Sit, bend the knees but maintain 90 degrees at the hips. If you aren’t able to hold the L-Sit for the full amount of time, rest as needed and complete it in as many sets as you need.

Repeat  for 4 total rounds, with no rest between rounds.

Last time we did this was 10-6-14

Finish up with a stretch